New To-Do List App: Teem Available Worldwide Today!

July 17, 2012

We are very excited to announce the worldwide launch of Teem, our new personal and collaborative to-do list app.

Our goal at Teem is simplicity. You have enough on your plate worrying about managing your daily tasks. You should not have to worry about also managing your to-do list app.

What is Teem?
Teem is the only to-do list app you will need. It is on one hand the simplest personal to-do list app available. Use Teem to organize and track your own personal productivity, whether that includes event planning, scheduling your work or school week, planning travel itineraries, or simply sorting your myriad daily chores. Accomplish these tasks with the cleanest, no-fuss interface you will find.

On the other hand, Teem is a useful shared to-do list app. You can use Teem to manage collaborative projects between your friends or co-workers. Planning a trip with friends? Create a list, share with your teemmates, and quickly divide and conquer the responsibilities. Important company project? Create a list, share with your teemmates, and track the progress of each item. This sharing process will help increase productivity and eliminate confusion.

What are Teem’s Functions and Uses?

· An intuitive interface to easily create and manage tasks
. Invite friends and co-workers to be your “teemmates”
. Share lists with any number of teemmates or assign individual tasks
. Email tasks and lists
. Set due dates and reminders
. Keep a history of task activities and add comments so everyone is on the same page
. Use filters to quickly view who’s doing what, what’s done and what’s new
. All data is backed up and stored in the “cloud”
. Push notifications and background updates so you’re always in sync

Where Can I Find Teem?
Teem is available for download on the Apple App Store today! You can download here:

The main goal in task management is clear: Is this task done or not? Teem is all about cutting through the fluff to answer that question.

Download Teem and start organizing your life now.