New Release: XZAMS SAT Prep, now on iTunes App Store!

April 18, 2011

Five Components is pleased to announce the release of our newest app, XZAMS SAT Prep. The latest addition to our XZAMS platform, XZAMS SAT Prep will help you prepare for the Vocabulary Section of the SAT Exam with over 600 of the most-commonly used SAT words. Each word comes with a detailed explanation, which includes a full definition as well as a sample sentence. The questions are randomized and offered in both “tutorial” and “test” modes. Use tutorial mode to practice and build your knowledge. When ready, switch over to timed test mode, where you can choose from 1 to 50 questions to answer.

XZAMS SAT Prep uses a clear, clean interface that makes studying quick, easy and fun. To download the app or to find out more about its features, please visit